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DragoonClaws DragoonClaws 16 January 2014

How to farm Napalm

Alright, since there's a lot of commotion around napalms and drop rates recently, I'll put out my method which has so far proven more than efficient. So listen up.

-First of all, we need to take a look at the elixirs/enhancers we will be using because, let's face it, without them it's like trying to catch a cloud with your bare hands. Note that a 4x enhancer/elixir is NOT necessary for this, the 4x damage does speed things up though. So the options are: 1. 4x Enhancer(1 hour) for 75 platinum. 2. Miner's Luck(30 mins) & Speed Elixir(30 mins) for 25 platinum in total. You may want to use 5 more platinum to add a 2x damage elixir(30 minutes) for maximum efficiency.

-Secondly, if you're serious about wanting to farm a napalm, don't expect to do…

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Serprus Serprus 13 December 2011

Start of the Star Legends Wiki

I started this wiki because of all the scatter of content on the forums and to really create a place where all of us can come together to organize all of the content/questions/and rumors that may come up now and again on the forums. Please feel free to edit anything you think is wrong, add anything you think you can contribute, and delete anything you feel is unnessesary for this wiki.

Enjoy and look for more blogs I will be posting in the future!

- Alex Farnsworth

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