Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles Wiki

Class Types[]


The Engineer is a master of controlling and debuffing their foes through the use of their magical knowledge also can heal and buff the party even revive a dead party member. A Engineer wears medium weight armor and arms themselves with the deadly hand blaster gauntlets. Main stat is INT.


The Operative is the master of single target damage who specializes in deadly psionic attacks that weaken the target making them easier to kill. The Operative uses light armor and is the only character that can dual wield pistols. Main stat is DEX.


The Commando is a powerful, strong frontline warrior. He uses the power of force and kinetic energy to control the flow of battle, fortify himself and taunt his foes. The Commando uses heavy armor and is the only character who can fight with the heavy class of weapons. Main stat is STR.

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