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Miner mcguirk

Miner McGuirk is the final boss of Delta 7 campain. He is found at Delta 7 - The Motherload. He is hardly fought.

Fighting Strategy Edit

Two strategy are used to fight him. The first one is the circling around The AoE (Area of Effect). Try to not leave the boss room so he doesn't reset. He can't be directly attacked or targeted. the second way is to use the environment to block the boss in his room and be save wayting just out of the room (not far, but very close to th entrance, the closest possible). The normal way to kill him to way for him to die by himself. While he taps the floor, rocks will fall on him and damage him. You can damage him more by exploding the barrels near him (-200 Hitpoint damage/ barrel). Notice that squids will come out of the exploded eggs. These squids will damage you, so you need to kill them without moving from your spot.

There is a glitched way to kill Miner McGuirk. You need to be level 40 and use a Napalm Carbine. First, you need to reset the boss, which means: Go in the room, make the boss come at you and directly leave the room. The boss will go back to his original position. Next, you must go in the room and target any barrel. The boss will come at you and attack you (you ll have to get healed by an Engineer or Stimpacks).The Napalm Carbine's fire will damage the miner as he attacks you. He will dies faster than the two first strategies, but you might die if you are not well suited and prepared.

Here is a little video that explains how to easily slay the Miner McGuirk.

Star Legends Boss Guide - Miner Mc Guirk

Star Legends Boss Guide - Miner Mc Guirk

All credits to Madnex21.

Drops Edit

Name Image Class Level Type Icon
Overtime Overtime 18 Rare RifleRare Rifle
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