Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles Wiki

Sector Map

Base Maps

UCS Blackstar.pngUCS Blackstar Planet Numa Prime.pngUC Outpost Planet Voleria.pngCommand Deck


Dynastar Labs.pngDynastar Labs Red Sun Pirate Ship.pngRedsun Pirates Cycorp Industries.pngCycorp Industries

Asteroid Mining Facility Delta-7.pngDelta 7 Planet Numa Prime.pngNuma Prime Slouch-O Productions.pngSlouch-O

UC Shipyard.pngShipyard Planet Voleria.pngVoleria Colony Hive logo.pngInfested Planet: The Hive

XUCS Savant Scorn crusade.pngScorn Crusade Hive logo.pngSTS25

PvP Levels